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7 Things About Women’s Day Special we need to know about 0

All geared up for Women’s Day Celebration this year? Do you know
why it is celebrated? When was it announced first? Find out all this and more!

International Women’s Day, which is widely acknowledged throughout the
world today, is definitely not another date on the calendar. Right from the call for gender
equality to acknowledging the momentous cultural, social, political and economic
accomplishments of women — – the significance of 8 th March is way too deeper than one could
actually imagine!

With the International Women’s Day round the corner, if you’re looking forward to investing in
the most interesting gifts for your favorite women out there, we would also request you to take
the trouble to understand the true sigificance of this special day as well! Documented below are
the 7 very important things about International Women’s Day that we need to know about!

1. The History
It was way back in the year 1909 that the earliest event was held in New York by none
other than the Socialist Party of America. Initially, Women's Day Celebration was
primarily about campaigning for better pay and rights for women. Today, however, it is
about inspiring females across the globe.

2. Why should you know about Clara Zetkin?
It was at the International Conference of Working Women in Copenhagen that the leader
of Women’s Office for Social Democratic Party in Germany who suggested the idea of
International Women’s Day. All this took place in the year 1910. She was the one who
opined that every year every country should observe International Women’s Day on the
same day. And, her idea was immediately embraced by those present.

3. Focus on different campaigns
Like we have already told you, initially International Women’s Day was primarily about
equal pay. Notably, women earn 14% less than their male counterparts in the UK. In the
year 2017, it was the famous #Metoo campaign which garnered unprecedented attention.
This campaign was all about women speaking up about sexual harrassment. Those who
did not shy away from speaking up have come to be known as the Silence Breakers.



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4. What can you look forward to 2018?

International Women’s Day in 2018 is all about #PressforProgress. This hash tag is like a
clarion call to women to unite for gender parity.

5. They rose above war as well Do you know that it was on the eve of World War I when the Russian women
campaigning for peace actually observed their first International Women’s Day? It was
on February 1913. Years later in 1965, this day came to be observed as a non working
day in the USSR.

6. 1911 …another momentous year as far as International Women’s Day is Concerned
Yes ..because it was in this year that the International Women’s Day came to be
recognized in countries like Germany, Denmark and Switzerland for the first time.

7. How you can participate This year, the International Women’s Day will actually witness a number of activities
being held in different parts of the world. You can visit the official website of the
International Women’s Day to find out more about it! Do let us tell you that you
necessarily don’t have to march in order to get the messages across. There are other ways
to involve yourself as well! Do find out from the website itself!

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