Flowersngifts24x7 - Cancellation And Refund Policy:

1.  Any cancellations to the order shall be made before 48 hours of the actual time of delivery to claim refund of the paid amount. No refund shall be made once the 48hr delivery window starts.

2.  Cancellation of order shall be made with mail with Subject: " Cancellation Request" and sent to support@flowersngifts24x7.com

Mail shall contain following details: -

a.  Order ID:

b.  Cancellation Reason:

c.  Refund Account Details:

3.  Cancellation shall be initiated after formal order cancellation request is received at support@flowersngifts24x7.com

4.  Refund shall be made under following conditions:

a.  Order was cancelled.

b.  Order was not delivered to the recipient. (This does not include the case for unfounded recipient)

c.  If there is any complain regarding the quality of the product being delivered, we will inquire about the same and if it is found to be true, the customer will get a full refund or the product will be replaced.

5.  A refund can only be requested in case of service failure; our team will evaluate if an order qualifies for a refund and the decision of our management will be final. The refund amount in no circumstances can exceed the amount paid by customer, we are not liable for any loss or claim beyond the amount paid by customer.

6.  In case of Cancellation, 5% charge will be applicable.

7.  Any discounted or exempted amount cannot be claimed for refund.

8.  Any extra amount credited to Flowersngifts24x7's account may be considered for order enhancement but will not be refundable.

9.  In all matters concerning Cancellation and refund Flowersngifts24x7 shall have the deciding hand.

10.  Flowersngifts24x7 may amend its Cancellation and Refund Policy from time to time. If we make any substantial changes in the way we use your personal information we will notify you by email or an announcement on the website.

11.  If you have any questions/comments about our Cancellation and Refund Policy, please email us at support@flowersngifts24x7.com

12.  We reserve the right to cancel / modify any order without providing any reason. This is regardless of whether the payment has been confirmed / received. Complete refund for the cancelled orders and differential refund for the modified orders will be processed. Refund will be processed through same mode within 15 working days.

13.  For orders in which problem arises owing to the mistake of the user e.g. wrong address or incomplete information or recipient not reachable, no refund will be given. Redelivery charges, if any, will be borne by the user.

14.  The user agrees to give the correct information which is true and authentic. Were serve the right to confirm the information provided by the user. We also reserve the right to disallow any user to use this website and may reject / cancel the registration without providing any reason whatsoever.

15.  We will not be held liable for any credit card fraud that occurs on its website. Users must use only their card when they make their payments. The liability of using a fraudulent credit card lies on the user and the responsibility to establish otherwise shall exclusively be the users’.

16.  We will not be responsible for any delay / non-delivery of the order by the vendors or because of flood, fire, wars, act of God or for any reason that are beyond our control. For such orders a complete refund will be provided.

17.  The user confirms that he / she is at least 18 (eighteen) years of age or has a consent of a parent or a legal guardian.

18.  Complaints received after 15 days of Order Date / Shipment Date, whichever is later will not be entertained. Refund requests should be made within 1 day of the shipment / delivery date.

Delivery of certain items may not be possible under certain uncontrollable circumstances like no courier service, delivery not available etc. However, you will get 100% refund of your money. Refund will be processed through same mode within 15 working days.

19.  No claim of whatsoever nature under any circumstances will be tenable other than the claim for 100% refund of payment made. All such claims if any, are to be raised within 24 hours of delivery /non-delivery.

20.  Due to unavoidable circumstance, if part order has been delivered then we will charge only for the products which are delivered and will refund the balance amount.