Birthdays, anniversaries, graduation ceremonies, Valentine’s Day and the list goes on. How blithely we end up celebrating life itself while celebrating those special dates on the calendar! How easily we end up articulating our love, admiration and respect for our loved ones! How easily we end up drawing a close to the endless fights we have had with our closest ones! How easily do we end up celebrating bonds!
Flowers N Gifts24x7: A Name Synonymous with Big and Small Celebrations
Speaking of celebrations – however- the inclusion of cakes enlivens them! A celebration – no matter – how grand they are – are plain insipid without the inclusion of cakes. And, this is where Flowers N Gifts24x7 steps in with its yummilicious expertise! Buy Cake Online India for birthdays, anniversaries and a host of other occasions. We command an easy edge in the market – thanks to the wide gamut of flavors that we bring to you!
The special heart-shaped cakes, theme cakes, photo cakes and tier cakes can spruce up even the most modest celebrations imaginable. For us, the cakes make the most joyous inclusion in our portfolio.
Fresh Cream Cakes: The Celebrations have just started!
They smell of love, they taste like joy and they stay with us like sweet remembrances of the most special occasions in our lives. We can’t be thankful enough for the sheer presence of loved ones in our lives. We surely can’t be thankful enough for getting the opportunity to celebrate their presence in our lives. There is a cake for every celebration. There is a flavor for every emotion! There is a brilliant baker waiting to bring his yet unexplored culinary experiments to the fore to leave you enchanted! Here is a look at our fresh cream cakes that are a regular at birthdays, anniversaries and other big and small occasions:
      Fresh Cream Pineapple Cake
      Red Velvet Cake garnished with the freshest of fruits
      Strawberry cake
      The blueberry cake
Each and every surprise featuring in our catalog can keep the fussiest of foodies sorted! Order Cake Online India and find out how the fresh cream cakes prepared by us – take your breath away! Is there an aunt of yours, who has the knack for finding fault in food? Is there a brother of yours who claims that he understands cakes like nobody else does? If yes, then you can rest assured that our fresh cream cakes will stay with them as the fondest memory of food they have ever had.  
Theme Cake: The greatest stories crafted on cakes!
Nothing makes us happier than bringing a smile on your kids’ faces! The little wonders – absolute sources of joy – the harbingers of happiness! Crafting those yummilicious theme cakes on their birthdays has clearly been an exercise in happiness for us! From the Spider-Man to Hanah Montana – we have brought their favorite characters alive in our cakes. There’s nothing like catering to their fancies! There is nothing like telling you “We can do it” every time you reach out to us with your precious one’s demands. We offer Same Day Cake Delivery India as well. Every parent looking forward to bringing about that cute smile on their little ones’ faces just as the clock strikes 12 midnight – our same day delivery services are all that you need to make your purest dream come true. 
So what are you waiting for? Make sure you’re checking out our portfolio and placing your order right away—ringing in your little one’s birthday in style!
      Safari Zoo themed cake
      Graduation Success Cake (Your little one has just grown up)
      Monkey tree cake
      Number 1 cake (for all the parents who think that their kids are no.1 – which is basically all of us)
      Alphabet Cake     
You can rest assured that the best bakery skills are awaiting you at the other side of your screen. Those who have trusted us with their needs all these years will have similar opinions to offer.
Special Cakes: Can it get more Special?
Just a look at them and you actually know that you’re in for the yummiest surprise imaginable. How exactly do we describe our special cakes? Call it an exercise in tasteful decadence or for that matter a revelation of experimental bakery – we can assure you that our special cakes will end up earning praises hardly rivaled. When it comes to online cake and flower delivery, there’s hardly anyone who can actually beat us in terms of the variety that we actually have to offer you! There’s hardly anyone who can bring on the balance of blends like the way we do!
We however aren’t speaking only about variety here. Our special cakes are dripping refinement. Pick one up when the occasion is super special:
      When you would want to propose her marriage
      When you want to thank someone
      When you’re celebrating an almost unimaginable commercial success with your colleagues
      When you are welcoming someone really special home
Here’s a look at the options that you have:
      Red Rose Heart Shape Cake
      Rose Design Cake
      Red Rose Cake
      Kitkat Chocolate Cake
      Special Kitkat Cake
So, what special message do you want to convey with our special cakes? Get in touch with us to make sure that your message remains the most memorable one for your loved one!
Heart Shape Cakes: It’s all Heart
We are the victors in the matters of heart! We do it best when it’s the heart that’s speaking and not the brains. It might as well be your wedding or for that matter your anniversary or just a special surprise for the special her in your life! You can trust our heart shaped cakes to do the trick for you! For all those years that we have actually been engaged in Online cake delivery, we can actually tell you that our heart shaped cakes have actually ended up garnering huge popularity among cake connoisseurs. They are made available in variant flavors and here are a few that you can actually check out!
      Floating hearts
      Pineapple Slices
      Delicious Treat (that red rose design!)
      Pink Heart Cake
      Exotic Chocolate
We connect the best through hearts! Our heart-shaped cakes stand for our unassailable commitment to the bond that we share with you! A bond with the foundation of hearts. Nothing pleases us more to know that you are winning in the game of hearts! That you have already swept her off her feet! THe saga of hearts continues with you getting back to us with the kindest of words! Your testimonials are precious—once again – they do occupy a special corner of our hearts! Together we are hearts and all hearts! 
Kids Cakes: Fantasies Galore!
So many emotions, so many moods and so many expressions! Our celebrations would have been incomplete without them around! Our life so meaningless without their tantrums! It’s our kids’ cakes that turn out to be the most special addition to our portfolio! Not really without reasons!  
Our fairy cake and Chota Bheem cakes are all that you need to lighten up their world! And your kids’ smiles are all you need to brighten up your world!  Your kid himself is a celebration of life! It gives us immense pleasure to know that we have made your kids happy with our cakes – on a consistent basis. Nothing acts as a motivation more powerful than this.  
Framed with Photo Cakes
Our photo cakes- of course – remain our star attraction. Thanks to the introduction of edible digital prints- we are actually crafting pure joy on cakes today. You want to see yourself on that carefully baked cake n your birthday! We have got you covered! Do you want to see your wife and your portrait on that yummilicious anniversary cake? We have actually got you covered! Want to see your kid’s wondrous face on that chocolate delight? We have also got you covered! Our photo cakes come in all possible shapes and sizes:
      Square Strawberry Cakes
      Butterscotch Round Cakes
      Heart shape photo cake
      Square chocolate cake
Thus, here we are – baking up a storm every time we are actually getting an order for a kid’s cake. It doesn’ really matter whether you’re celebrating your little one’s birthday or a milestone (like good grades in class or noteworthy performance in extra-curricular activities) do know for a fact that we are putting our best foot forward when it comes to baking for your kids!  Don’t believe us? Make sure you’re actually buying from us in the first place to be duly guided regarding our credentials! Here is a look at the main inclusions:
      Barbie cake
      Lavender barbie cake
      Pink Doll Cake
      Vanilla Bheem cake
      Pretty Barbie cake
The 5-star cakes, photo cakes and the tier-cakes remain as special a part of our customers’ lives as the other ones mentioned here. Send cake and flowers India being very sure about the fact that when you are choosing Flowers N Gifts 24x7, you are actually making the most informed decision in terms of taste, quality and price.What you can really bank on is the gamut of the heartiest endorsements that we have actually ended up garnering from clients.
Besides the variety of flavors offered by us it’s definitely the quality of services and affordability that have actually gone on to help us reach out to a wider client base. We are delivering across 16 prime cities of the country including:
 So, when you are actually buying from us you know that you have got an entire legion of foodies rooting for us! They come from different states and have different food preferences. You can actually appreciate the fact that Flowers N Gifts 24x7 has actually gone on to serve as the culmination of these foodies!
Midnight Delivery
We are offering midnight delivery of cakes. We understand that the prospect of surprising your loved ones when they are least expecting it – remains an eternal source of joy! We deliver cakes just as the clock strikes 12!  You can bank on us when it comes to celebrating the dreamiest of your dreams! We have a reliable network of vendors to ensure that your needs are met with marked ease!
Our Vendors
Our vendors definitely deserve relentless applause for doing what they have been doing all the year round. THey are as committed to brightening up your lives as we are! And, it’s our commitment towards you that has actually driven us to choose vendors that demonstrate similar commitment! Together we make for a team – the might of which is hardly contested! If it hadn’t been for their commitment to quality – we really wouldn’t have been where we are now – right in the middle of your hearts! They are also the reason why we are able to deliver services so efficiently.  
 It gives us immense pleasure to know that we are a part of your life in such a significant fashion. There are times when you are just unable to be with your loved ones even if you know that your physical absence will be rued. Sitting in a different country, you might not really be able to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries or other special occasions just as the way that you would want to—i.e. by being close to them. If you feel like sending over a cake wrapped in your love and concern you can think of us! We are here to deliver cakes in the major parts of the country right when you want them to be delivered. Remember our name. We are making little big endeavors to enliven your celebrations. And, this is exactly how we choose to stay with you!
Get in touch with us! We have secure payment gateways in place. Make sure you’re taking your pick today!