Rose Day: The Thread of Love

India is the land of festival. Here every moment of life, every relationship gets celebrated in the most elaborate way. Not only that, we Indians have festivals to celebrate each of relationship. Among those, the most widely celebrated remains the one that celebrates one of the most beautiful relationship on earth. The one that a sister shares with her brother and vice versa. If we talk about selfless love then sibling love tops the list for sure. And when it's between a brother and a sister, the love transcends everything. A sister finds her guide, her best friend, her partner-in-crime and her ultimate confidante in a brother. At the same time, a brother finds an ardent follower, a patient listener and a caring heart who will always walk those extra miles just to get his back and save him from parents' scoldings. As you might have already guessed which festival we are talking about, let us reconfirm the name of the festival again. Yes, it is Raksha Bandhan or Rakhi, the celebration of brother-sister love. But why is the festival called Rakhi? What is Rakhi? Rakhi is the name of the thread that a sister ties around the wrist of her brother on the day of this festival. This thread is highly revered by all and is considered a sacred thread that has the power to protect the brother from all the odds in life. In reality, the Rakhi thread symbolises the selfless love of a sister that is powerful enough to fight anything that has even the remotest power to harm the brother. Even today, sisters from miles across send Rakhi online to protect their brothers from every evil force. This is the reason why the festival is called as the Raksha Bandhan where 'bandhan' means bonding that's signified by a thread, and Raksha which means protection in Hindi. Therefore, Raksha Bandhan means the bond of protection or, in other words, the thread of love.

The Origin, Historical Significance and Celebration of Rose Day