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We fall short of words (quite willingly) when it comes to documenting the power of flowers to lighten up otherwise mundane environs. We fall short of words when we receive a gladdening bouquet of flowers from someone completely unexpected. We fall short of words when a single rose becomes the carrier of the three magical most covetous words –“I love you.”
The “Power” of Blooms
To speak about the power of flowers – is gratifying. To know that we have been able to bring to you the most unique arrangements to spruce up the most special occasions of your life imaginable – birthdays, anniversaries, graduate ceremonies and what not—fills us with immense pride. Welcome to Flowers N Gifts 24x7- the world where the rarest of blossoms culminate to offer you an experience--- the charm of which is hardly rivaled. Now you can order flowers for your loved ones – right from the comfort of your home. What more? You can Send Flowers Online India to your folks back home – even if you are residing in a foreign country. Yes. Our website can actually be accessed by people living abroad- willing to surprise their loved ones back in India. The cities that we are serving have been listed below:
Team Flowers N Gifts 24x7 is committed to your convenience. We understand that the convenience of online shopping is no more restricted to the comfort of getting the arrangements delivered right at your home. It’s also about the freedom to select from a wide range of flowers. The arrangements should be as unique as well. Order flowers online India to find out what we actually have in the offing. A good look at our inventory and you’ll actually end up acknowledging the fact that you don’t have any other reason to go somewhere else.
From common favorites like roses and orchids to the more exclusive gerberas and daisies – our range is unassailable to say the least! Our unique arrangements – of course – are our strength. They are primarily the reason why we have carved a niche for ourselves in Online Flowers Delivery India within such a short time-frame. In India, we are unequivocally counted among the top-ranked names in the industry. Our arrangements of course are backed by inimitable visual appeal. They definitely lead the pack of reasons why we have surged ahead as a reputed e-Commerce store dealing in flowers, cakes and other gifts. However, that’s not the only reason why we have been able to beat competition on a consistent basis. Do read on in order to know more in this regard.
What are you Celebrating today?
It has been wisely pointed out that right from friendships to romance to something “in between”, flowers do turn out to be the ideal gift – complementing so many relations -- suitable for so many occasions. Besides birthdays, anniversaries and Valentine’s Day, you can gift flowers to convey myriad thoughts and feelings:
      When you are missing someone
      When someone has done something for you and you want to say “Thank You” in return
      When you are welcoming someone home
      When you want to propose to the love of your life
      When you are thinking of someone
      When you are congratulating someone
Flowers as gifts are timeless. They are never considered out of style! They are never considered obsolete. Every bunch or arrangement is backed by a kind of uniqueness hardly rivaled by any other gift. Every time you are presenting your loved one with a flower – the immense significance of the occasion and of her presence in your life is duly conveyed.
What more? Flowers are considered an infallible convenience as well. There are times when you are simply confused about the choice of your gift because of the baffling equation you share with the potential recipient. He or she might be a neighbor, who has surprisingly helped you in your trying times (She stood up for you when others complained about your dog- or for that matter – he helped you clean your yard without you really asking for help). The acts of kindness shouldn’t really go unnoticed. Sending over a bouquet of flowers remains the best option because their purpose transcends “functionality”. We can’t stop reiterating the fact that flowers actually remain the best choice when it comes to acknowledging someone’s deeds or presence in your lives!
 We are Working with a Wide Network of Vendors
At the very basis of our success is – of course – a wide network of vendors that have facilitated our commitment to serve you to the best of our ability. Why should you buy flowers online India from us? We would say – primarily – because we are in touch with the best most trusted vendors throughout India. It wouldn’t really have been easy for us to serve you with utmost satisfaction across the 16 cities of India – if it hadn’t been for them. Talk about delivering the freshest handpicked flowers right on time to helping us provide you a revamped inventory from time to time – our association with these vendors has proved immensely profitable on so many fronts! A discourse on our heartening trajectory would have actually been incomplete if we hadn’t really talked about our esteemed line-up of vendors.
Team Flowers N Gifts 24x7 has notably taken great pains to build this network of vendors. The whole process of selection and rejection has actually been carried out on the basis of thorough examination of track record.
We are Versatile
Versatility has played a key role in governing our prominence as well. You can find a plethora of flowers featuring in our portfolio already – roses, gerbera, orchids, daisies, lilies, carnations and what not! They come in variant sizes of arrangements as per your needs—assorted flowers and life-size arrangements. We have got an arrangement to match every scale of grandeur. You can send flowers to India after acquainting yourself with the fact that while our assorted arrangements are a favorite among those celebrating birthdays and graduation ceremonies-- our king size arrangements, on the other hand, are actually a rage in weddings and anniversaries. So what is it that you’re celebrating today? We have got a unique surprise ready to spruce up any occasion whatsoever!
 What else do we have to offer you? Our quest for excellence has compelled us to see just beyond our portfolio. Our relentless examination and re-examination of our service policies means that we are actually bringing to you a whole range of improved services whenever or wherever there’s an avenue to do so. What does our Online flower delivery service promise you in that case? Read on to unravel in the next segment!
Sameday Online Flower Delivery
Our same day delivery facilities have actually turned out to be one of our strengths. Clearly! It might as well be your anniversary which you hadn’t planned from before – quite simply because you forgot! It might as well be your loved one’s birthday, for which you couldn’t place your order beforehand, quite simply because you didn’t have the time to do so! Hectic schedule or time constraint – we allow nothing to impede your grand plans for your loved ones! You can access our same day Online Flower Delivery services to make the most of the convenience which online shopping is so infallibly associated with! You can rest assured that we will only commit when we actually are sure about getting the freshest flowers for you! 
Online Flowers Delivery services at Affordable Prices
Yes! We deliver the freshest of blooms right at your doorstep – without really charging you a bomb! Our Online Flowers Delivery services are remarkably affordable as well. Yes. We are resolved to cater to the needs of budget spenders as well. We understand that for college goers or the ones with no regular earning, even buying a bouquet for their folks on their special day is a luxury of sorts! Do remember that we don’t let financial constraints work as an impediment as well. Our resolve to help you celebrate even the big and small joys in a memorable way – is actually stronger than what you think. Do keep on checking our discounts applicable for those using relevant promo codes! We are worth your consideration in every sense!
Midnight Flower Delivery Services
It’s our commitment to your happiness, which has actually led us to introduce the midnight flower delivery services as well. If you are willing to ring in birthdays, anniversaries and other big and small celebrations of life – right a 12 midnight—then you will actually find us – right beside you! We are offering impeccable midnight flower delivery services – pan India! Get in touch with us to find out more about midnight delivery services.
Secure Payment Gateways
Doing business with us – also means that you have access to secure payment gateways. We accept payments via all the secure and trusted payment methods like:
      Net Banking
      Master Card
Our Courier Services: Speedy Delivery Guaranteed
And, how exactly can we forget mentioning our leading courier service providers – the ones that have consistently facilitated our quest for excellence? Yes. We have collaborated with the world leaders in this respect to ensure that there is zero room for complaint as far as speed of delivery is concerned. The names featuring in this list are:
When it comes to conveying your thankfulness to your loved ones, or acquaintances – it’s always our flowers that take precedence. It’s the gifts chosen from us that convey the exact emotions that you have for the recipient.
Endorsements Galore
 This is precisely the reason why we have been endorsed by gifters across India on a regular basis. Talk about you researching our credentials before placing your order and we can tell you that you will only have the most positive reviews to fall back on! We are winning hearts all over the country and how! It’s your endorsements that have actually gone on to encourage us to serve you better. Improvement – as such has actually become our middle name. 
Make an Informed Decision
As much as we would like you to trust us with your online flower delivery services – we would definitely ask you to make an informed decision regarding your choice. Before placing that order for king size arrangement for your wifey or that box of roses for your darling girlfriend – do make sure that you are acquainting yourself with our service policies thoroughly! Regardless of whether you are opting for our same day delivery or midnight delivery or for that matter the regular 5-6 business day deliveries—make sure you are actually leaving no stone unturned to get your queries (if any) clarified before placing your order.  
So, what exactly are you waiting for? Make sure you’re knocking us without delay! It doesn’t matter whether you’re celebrating a special or not-so-special occasion – we’re here to assist you! A bouquet of flower brings a lot of joy to one’s life. A bouquet of flower evokes a sense of significance, hardly rivaled. It brings along freshness like no other! Get us on board without delay!  
Once you buy from us—you wouldn’t really turn to anyone else. As corny that claim might sound… you would actually end up harboring similar opinions about us – once you actually collaborate with us!


Let us get together to make the most of the gifting opportunities offered by us. Wrapped in a world full of joys, our blooms reach your loved ones in their freshest of forms. This is exactly how we intend to spread happiness in others’ lives. That’s how we intend to leave a mark! That’ how we endeavor to be a part of your celebrations! Don’t exclude us! Bask in the glory of gifting like never before! We promise to make a difference in your life by being a part of your scheme of things!  

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