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To everyone who is busy scheming April Fool pranks – have you ever thought how unexciting the world would be without fools? Have you ever tried to gauge how significantly staid our existence would be without fools? From Shakespeare’s plays to the new age Bollywood movies—buffoonery has been a constant source of delight for us!

 Bringing a Host of April Fools Day Gifts to You!

 We, in the vein of celebrating this delightful buffoonery, have introduced a slew of gifts designed for the special day. You can now Buy April Fools Day Gifts Online in a bid to surprise your loved ones instead of just fooling them.
Come to think of it – you can actually go on to surprise them on so many levels! First of all – April Fool gifts aren’t really a common phenomenon in this country. So, gifting one – itself remains a surprise for many. Just in order to make the deal sweeter – we are actually offering you a delightful portfolio to take your pick from. Send April Fools Day Gifts to India through us! Here is a comprehensive look at what we actually have in the offing for you!
The Custom April Fool Mugs: What’s Special about them?
The mugs – notably – come with quirky messages (the ones that are sure to tickle the funny bones). Never run out of the most delightful April fools day gift ideas with us by your side!
Don’t restrict the fun to “fooling around”! Spruce up this April Fools Day by choosing from
among the best April Fools Day gifts. April Fool Day Gifts for wife? Or, mother? Or, son? Or husband? What is it that you are looking for? Make sure that anything you are picking up is as goofy or as much fun as the pranks that you have got in store for them! With us by your side, your plans will be right in place.
Gravity? A Strict No No!
Do remember that April Fools Day (alternately known as the All Fool Day) is light hearted in its truest essence. It would thus be prudent on your end to ensure that you are not really attaching unnecessary gravity to it by choosing gifts like flower or jewelry. Opt for the more meaningful relevant options like coffee mugs with quirky messages, chocolates and cakes with equally delightful messages.
April Fools Day gifts make for a heartening new addition to our portfolio and if you are talking about celebrating another fun-filled day added to the calendar – then we’re here with our reliable assistance. We are simply raring to go!
Browse through our comprehensive treasure trove of April Fool Day Gifts for friends, siblings, parents and cousins to find exactly what you are looking for! We are not really charging you a fortune. We will help you plan surprises that will come to be cherished for a lifetime by your loved ones.
Beyond Jokes and Pranks there are Gifts
You can always indulge in playful banter with people around you. You can always make fool of people on the fools day! However, don’t forget to spread the love like you have always done! We – with our gifts – ensure that you have easy access to the unadulterated fun. Right from the April Fool Day Gifts for husband to the ones meant for friends and colleagues – we have designed a portfolio – the versatility of which is hard to contend with.
Where we are Serving
So who are you planning to surprise on this April Fools Day? Don’t worry we have got the best in store for you! We are serving across the prime cities of the country:
Basically, we want to ensure that every nook and corner of India warm up to the true spirit of April Fools day which is not solely defined by April Fool Jokes (quite contrary to what people actually believe) but a lot by light-hearted gift giving as well.
Highly Endorsed by our Loyalists!
And, when it comes to gifts, our loyalists know that there is hardly anyone to contest our
command in the market today! Right from the quality of products and services to the client reviews – Flowers N Gifts 24x7 is largely synonymous with easy recognition and praise.
So what exactly are you waiting for? Do make sure that you are going through our website thoroughly in a bid to be duly acquainted with the options that you can access as gifts for your loved ones. If you have too many people to surprise this April Fools Day—do make sure that you are leaving no stone unturned to plan your surprises well ahead. The trick would be to take your time in planning these surprises so that you are not really stuck with the last-minute preparations only to miss out on crucial details. You might as well miss out on counting people you want to surprise on this day as well! So make sure you are not rushing through the process but taking your own sweet time to go through our portfolio and choose something which you think will only add to the glory of the light-hearted celebrations.
April Fools Day Countdown Begins: Place your orders Right Away!
The countdown to the funniest most spirited occasions has started. Get your act right. Choose what you think befits the occasion and your equation with the receiver.
Our adorable range of gifts is sure to win hearts! With a strong network of delivery centres across India, Flowers N Gifts 24x7 ensures that your gifts will reach your doorstep exactly when you want it.
Let us pledge to celebrate this special day like never before. The surprises in the form of gifts will keep getting better with the passage of time! We promise!


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