Occasion : Deepawali

Flowers N Gifts 24x7 has demonstrated unflagging commitment towards serving you on the  most auspicious occasions- by bringing to you the choicest assortment of gifts. And, Diwali, of course is no exception! From wonderfully crafted combos to exclusive packages—this Diwali, Flowers N Gifts 24x7 will take your gifting experience several notches higher.
So, what exactly have we got in store for you? Wide melange of delicious chocolates, cute teddies, flowers, cushion covers, sweets, décor goods and what not? How to send Diwali gifts to India?  Browse through our collection in a bid to find out!
Here’s a comprehensive look at the diverse gift ideas designed for your boyfriend, girlfriend, kids, husband or wife. Read on to make an informed decision!
Diwali Gifts for Husband Or Boyfriend
Your hubby dearest has tirelessly played the role of a perfect mentor, companion and soulmate all his life! And, so has your boyfriend! Diwali is the time to surprise him in the sweetest possible fashion. Are you looking for the perfect Diwali gift for Husband? Or, for your boyfriend? We have got ideas galore:
Our leather belt and wallet sets ooze machismo! If you want to go real big with your surprise, then we would suggest the Office-bag-wallet-belt combo for him
The Dry-Fruit- Chocolate combos are for every hubby looking to strike that perfect balance between taste and health this Diwali! Flowers N Gifts 24x7 offers diverse arrangements. So choose the one which you think will floor your husband without fail!
We have got amazing Men’s perfume collections in the offing for you as well!
Pick up the most thoughtful Diwali Gift for Boyfriend or husband without breaking a bank! Regardless of what the length of your equation with your partner is, you can trust these choices to leave a mark!
Diwali Gift for Wife or Girlfriend!
She was her daddy’s princess and she is your queen now! She is the harbinger of good fortune and positivity in your life! Come this Diwali, make sure you’re not taking a step back when it comes to surprising your very own “queen of fortunes”. If you are looking for the choicest Diwali gift for wife then do make sure that you are checking our portfolio!
Here are all the options that you have access to!
 Flower N Cake Combos
 Diwali Special Cushions
 Chocolates
 Dry Fruits
 Diyas
 Idols of Gods and Goddesses
 Flowers N Sweets
Are you looking for that perfect Diwali gift for girlfriend as well? If yes, then you can rest assured that the aforementioned choices will easily meet your needs.
Diwali gift Ideas for Kids
They have lighted up your world with their uninhibited expressions of their emotions, laughter, joys and smiles. Your world revolves around them! And, we are committed to making this Diwali more special for them! Our Diwali gift Ideas for Kids are charming, affordable and a cut above the rest! Look at what we have got in store for them!
 Chocolates
 Tasty Dry Fruits
 Sweets
 Teddy and Chocolate Hampers
 Chocolates, sweets, flowers, teddy hampers
A memorable pick for your kiddo darling is just a few clicks away!
Diwali Gifts for Clients
They are your family too! You have worked to be where you are! It has taken a lot of time and patience to make your clients trust your credentials. It has taken long for you to build the bonds that you currently share with your clients. Nourish this equation with the help of our select Diwali Gifts for Clients. What do we have in the offing? Find out!
 Custom cushion coffee mug sets
 Idols of Gods and Goddesses
 Hanging Décor
 Dhanteras Goodies
 Dry Fruits
 Sweets
 Pen Sets
Our corporate ensemble is as elegant as it is fun! Make sure you’re sending over a piece of happiness to every esteemed client of yours through us!
It is important to plan your Diwali gifts as per dates! Planning your gifts for your loved ones entails distributing the same over the whole period of Diwali. For instance, Dhanteras remains the first day of Diwali. This particular day is marked by people in large numbers investing in some dhan in the form of gold or silver coins. Dhanteras – this year falls on 5 th November, 2018.
As you can see, almost all our Diwali arrangements are accompanied by a silver coin. To add to your fortunes you can also bring home any of the idols of Gods and Goddesses that are such a significant part of our portfolio!
Narak Chaturdashi
On 6 th November, 2018, we are celebrating Narak Chaturdashi or Choti Diwali. It is believed that it was on this day that Lord Krishna and Goddess Kali ended up defeating Naraksura.

You don’t have to think hard to pick an ideal gift symbolizing the triumph of good over evil. You can now Buy Diwali Gifts online within incredible price brackets. Flowers N Gifts 24x7 offers you substantial discounts on its Diwali-special gifts. Watch out this space for the coupon codes!
Lakshmi Puja
A day that comes with immense significance – a day- best welcomed by gifts. A day when you are bringing the Goddess of good fortune home! This year we will be celebrating Laxmi Puja on 7 th November, 2018. Don’t miss out on our exclusive range of gifts including idols of Gods and Goddesses, sweets, flowers, idols with diyas, dry fruits and a lot more!
Sending Diwali Gifts to India
No matter in which part of the world you are residing, you can now Send Diwali Gifts Online anywhere in India through Flowers N Gifts 24x7. This Diwali don’t deprive yourself of the joy of seeing your loved ones happy. Bridging distances has now become way easier than what you can ever imagine.
We have got hassle-free shipping policies in place. So, even before you know, your loved ones have actually received their parcels right at their doorstep! You’re in for some luck if you’re residing in one of these 16 prime Indian cities—because- this is exactly where we are delivering:
 Pune
 Chandigarh
 Mumbai
 Kolkata
 Lucknow
 Chennai
 Delhi
 Dehradun
 Bangalore
 Noida
 Jaipur
 Ranchi
 Hyderabad
 Patna
 Gurgaon
 Ahmedabad
Let us tell you that the gift ideas put to the fore by us are inspired by our genuine urge to cater to gifting preferences of one and all—irrespective of what your tastes, budget and other gifting needs are. From the elegant to the tasteful – from exquisite simplicity to extravagance – our gifts are everything which adds to the pulse of one of the most revered festivals celebrated across the country.
A Few Words about Our Gifts
As one of the leading online gift stores in India, we understand the nuances of modern gift givin  like no other. Once you go through our collection you will actually appreciate the fact that gifts featured here not only befit the splendor of the occasion but are bound to touch those precious emotional chords as well. For instance, we understand that even the tiniest of additions to an otherwise huge hamper can turn out be the perfect expression of your emotional refinements. How about a small coin bearing Lord Ganesha’s name or image? How about the addition of one
or two colorful diyas?
So, this Diwali, make sure that you are posing your faith only in the most trusted name in the market when it comes to surprising your loved ones. When you are buying from Flowers N Gifts 24x7 you know that you are not really missing out on the most traditional and the experimental gift ideas compliant with the festival. This is how meticulously we have actually gone on to design our portfolio. We cater to gifting needs of all ages.
The Fun Starts Here…
Featuring prominently in our bouquet of Diwali gifts are chocolates available in various combo packages. Teamed with flower bouquets, teddies, traditional sweets, and tastefully designed cushion covers, chocolates end up making for a crucial part of our portfolio and that’s because we appreciate the fact that the decadent pleasures are bound to win hearts (and taste buds) regardless of age or different palate preferences.
You can also choose the exclusive chocolate delights wrapped in charming arrangements. Don’t miss the ones including the coins especially made for Diwali.
Besides considering the plethora of gifts made available by us make sure you are taking time out to pay special attention to our arrangements as well. Which one do you think will end up earning heart-felt appreciation from your loved one? Does he/she have a special eye for beauty? Do you think that the sheer presentation of a particular hamper will floor the receiver? We hope to live up to every expectation of your loved ones as well as you do. Do read on in order to be duly informed about the other options made available for you.
The choicest pieces of Ganesh and Lakshmi idols can turn out to be just the ideal choices to surprise your grandparents or parents or uncle or aunt. Gifting them to a colleague or business associate would be considered a nice gesture on your part since it would be conjectured that you have taken the effort to transcend strictly professional boundaries to seek divine blessings for the receiver. Thoughtful to say the least!
If you want to Send gifts to India for Diwali then make sure that you are taking the trouble to go beyond the archetypal gifts including chocolates, roses and sweets.
If you are willing to experiment with your choice, you can reach out to us. Besides the traditional choices, you can also opt for special hampers for “him” featuring office bags wrapped in leather, belt, wallet and watch.
What more? You can continue to be offbeat by browsing further through our cushion cover designs or the festive décor items. Each piece- we can assure you – is crafted and eventually chosen to cater to diverse needs, tastes and aesthetic sensibilities.
If festivities are all about food then Diwali – specifically is about sweets. Don’t miss our “platters” in that case. Gulaab Jamun, Kaju Barfi, Rasgulla and what not? Your health and fitness goals will be right on track even if you choose to indulge a tad bit this festival! Thoughtfully Designed Portfolio!
And, how exactly could you actually go on to miss the cutest of our teddy hampers? There are times when we often fumble when it comes choosing the perfect Diwali gift for the little wonders of our house. Ironically though it’s these kids who have lighted up our world in more ways than one! Teddies we believe make for a thoughtful addition to our assortment of gifts because with them in the picture we bring innocence and unadulterated emotions right at the heart of the festival—the festival of lights, the festival of firecrackers and of course the festival of the triumph of good over evil. Everything good starts from innocence and innocence is nothing but your kids and kids alone! Gift them what they deserve. Flowers N Gifts 24x7 gives you the opportunity to take your pick without having to break your bank.
Yes! As you browse through our collection you will eventually discover that all our Diwali and Dhanteras gifts – irrespective of the kind and size of packages they are available in are priced competitively. 
Have you checked out our bevy of Diwali gifts yet? If not then do it without delay! We are selling out fast but wouldn’t like you to miss out on this incredible opportunity to surprise your friends and family. 
And..we wish you a Very Happy Diwali!

Winding up… we can only wish your family and you a very happy and prosperous Diwali! We wish you joys, laughter and happiness unbridled – so that you never stop exploring avenues of happiness for others around you as well! This Diwali may you be stirred by the noblest of thoughts.

Diwali is the time to “lighten up”—in the truest sense of the term. It’s not only about decking up your houses with diyas and lights but also about lighting up your inner self. Let us – together- take a pledge that we will not let the obstacles on our path deter us from our path of integrity and determination.

Valuing the Presence of your Loved Ones in your Life!

We understand that valuing the presence of your loved ones remains one of the noblest emotions that one can experience. And, Flowers N Gifts 24x7 is committed to making sure
that you are expressing your gratitude, love and affection for your loved ones in the most meaningful possible way! Do make sure that you are reaching out to us to fulfill your simplest and grandest gifting needs.

We have secured payment options in the offing. You can rest assured about the fact that all the details that you provide while purchasing from us will be secured. We have well- rounded testimonials backing our products, quality of services as well as our service policies.

Make sure you’re getting in touch with us without fail! We look forward to growing more diverse and more meaningful by learning about your tastes better! We can’t stop doing


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