Occasion : Mother's Day

From the brightest most cherished memories of your childhood to the present milestones of your life – you can’t really remember a time when your mother didn’t have a significant role to play. She is the first and perhaps the most dominant influence in your life. The way she has juggled multifarious roles (mother, mentor, secret-keeper, friend, counsel, protector and what not!) all her life has been disarmingly effortless. The way she still stands up for you in the face of challenges is what being your Guardian Angel is all about. Your guardian angel is right on earth.

Mother’s Day: Celebrating a Thousand Emotions and More

If “maa”, “ammi”, “mom” or “mother” is an emotion, Mother’s Day can well be described as the culmination of those emotions. Acknowledging her presence in your life is something that you hoped you could do. However, it’s your super-hectic (mostly cubicle-bound) life which has kept you from appreciating the simple joys that she brings to your life every day. While she doesn’t complain, don’t let Mother’s Day just be another day – mundane, regular, not-so-happening and just nondescript! And, here’s how you can thank your Guardian Angel on such a special day! Do read on to explore a plethora of ideas.

Plan for the worthiest of surprises. Start off by scouting the best mothers day gifts online. Let us help you find something which befits her value. Those personalised mugs bearing the cute mother-daughter images or for that matter those elegant bouquets --- our inventory is as diverse as your emotions for your mother is. We will not even dare to delve into those emotions – because we simply we cannot fathom the depth of it all but we would definitely like to assist you in celebrating those emotions duly.

A Premiere Selection of Mother’s Day Gifts Online

Looking for the best mothers day gifts online? Our collection will not disappoint you for sure! Versatility is our forte! Quality is our middle name! And, affordability is what we are consistently associated with! It’s our dynamic team of “gift specialists” which has helped us devise such an extraordinary portfolio, which caters to gifting needs – no matter- how diverse they are.

We understand that gifting sensibilities differ with occasions and the different kinds of equation that you share with your loved ones. We can promise you that our Mother’s Day collection is an extraordinary tribute to the most treasured relationship imaginable.

Besides customised mugs, flowers and cakes, we have got the choicest collection of mothers day chocolates at competitive price points! From Dairy Milk to Ferrero Rocher and Bourbon—there is delightful decadence for every palette—a surprise for every pocket pinch. Your mother is worth a thousand emotions—emotions that money can hardly “articulate”. You don’t have to spend a fortune to surprise your precious “her”. Do go through our portfolio to pick something within affordable price brackets. Here’s what you can pick up within competitive range:

We are Celebrating it!

Come May 13th, we are waking up to a beautiful sunrise. Beautiful – because- this is the day when we are going to celebrate our moms in our “simple grand” ways—simply not giving in to the long-drawn debates about the significance of such a day (whether there should only be a single day dedicated to moms or not)! We will just celebrate. That’s a promise which we can jolly well make to ourselves. We will rejoice her presence in our lives. We will not be a victim of complicated skepticism.

Our Same Day and Midnight Delivery Services

In order to ensure that your celebrations are right on track, do start comparing your options right away! We do bring a lot in terms of variety and prices. Do check out our portfolio (especially designed for Mother’s Day) to figure out what exactly you want and when you want. For instance, you might as well want to book our same day flower delivery services.

Yes! We do deliver flowers on the same day when the order has been placed—irrespective of whether it’s an occasion or not. This Mother’s Day – of course – is no exception as well.

What else? Do check out our midnight delivery facilities as well. The joy of gifting multiplies when you are able to surprise your mother in a way which was never ever in her ambit of imagination! A morning hug or a cute gift or a special lunch or dinner or brunch is something which can never be as powerful a surprise as what a cake or for that matter a bunch of carnations arriving right in the midnight can be!

So, we would ask you to check out details in this regard. If you are planning a nice midnight celebration for your mom then make sure it’s our gifts setting the tone of the celebrations in the first place.

So, what are you waiting for? Do get in touch with us to find out more about our surprises. You can check our portfolio to place your orders. What more? Our support team is available to help you with further information about our services.

Are you sitting abroad?

You can order from abroad as well! If this Mother’s Day, you can’t be physically around your mom because you are sitting in a different country then make sure you are placing your order with us and we will ensure that your gift reaches your mother – here in India right when you want – where you want! We are serving all across India! Isn’t that wonderful? Surprising your mom when she is least expecting it!

So, this Mother’s day make sure you’re rooting for us! Your mom will love our gifts for sure! We are looking forward to forging stronger bonds with you with the assistance of our quality of gifts and services and our exceptional price points. We are delivering emotions at your doorstep. If you have bought once from us—we would like to tell you that we want to deliver emotions more often!

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