Occasion : Raksha Bandhan

Raksha Bandhan: The Thread of Love

India is the land of festival. Here every moment of life, every relationship gets celebrated in the most elaborate way. Not only that, we Indians have festivals to celebrate each of relationship. Among those, the most widely celebrated remains the one that celebrates one of the most beautiful relationship on earth. The one that a sister shares with her brother and vice versa. If we talk about selfless love then sibling love tops the list for sure. And when it's between a brother and a sister, the love transcends everything. A sister finds her guide, her best friend, her partner-in-crime and her ultimate confidante in a brother. At the same time, a brother finds an ardent follower, a patient listener and a caring heart who will always walk those extra miles just to get his back and save him from parents' scoldings. As you might have already guessed which festival we are talking about, let us reconfirm the name of the festival again. Yes, it is Raksha Bandhan or Rakhi, the celebration of brother-sister love. But why is the festival called Rakhi? What is Rakhi? Rakhi is the name of the thread that a sister ties around the wrist of her brother on the day of this festival. This thread is highly revered by all and is considered a sacred thread that has the power to protect the brother from all the odds in life. In reality, the Rakhi thread symbolises the selfless love of a sister that is powerful enough to fight anything that has even the remotest power to harm the brother. Even today, sisters from miles across send Rakhi online to protect their brothers from every evil force. This is the reason why the festival is called as the Raksha Bandhan where 'bandhan' means bonding that's signified by a thread, and Raksha which means protection in Hindi. Therefore, Raksha Bandhan means the bond of protection or, in other words, the thread of love.

The Origin, Historical Significance and Celebration

While scholars and researchers often disagree over the origin of the Rakhi festival, there are a few stories which can be considered as the origin of Raksha Bandhan. According to the Indian mythology, Indrani, the wife of Lord Indra, tied a sacred thread that she received from Lord Vishnu around the wrist of Lord Indra. That sacred and powerful thread protected Lord Indra from the demons during a war with the gods. A similar story can be found in the Indian epic, Mahabharata also where Lord Krishna happened to accidentally cut his finger. Draupadi, seeing Krishna bleeding profusely, came to his rescue at once and in order to stop the bleeding, tore a piece of cloth from the sari she was wearing and tied it around the wounded finger of Krishna. In return, Lord Krishna saved Draupadi from the humiliation by the Kauravas during cheerharan. Here's another interesting story that traces us back to the origin of today's custom. These days, it's easy to send traditional rakhi online. But you’d be surprised to know that how this one thread saved the famous Alexander The Great back in 360 BC. Roxana, the wife of Alexander had sent a thread of Rakhi to King Porus of Katoch during Alexander's visit to India seeking the king's protection. It was that vow that saved Alexander when King Porus was about to kill him. The thread on the wrist of Alexander reminded the king of his promise to Roxana and he let him free. But one of the most heart-touching stories related to Rakhi is that of Rani Karnavati and Emperor Humayun. Rani Karnavati, the-then ruler of Mewar sought help from the Mughal emperor once he was in Mewar with his troops as Bahadur Shah had already attacked Mewar twice by then. When there was another chance of attack from Bahadur Shah, Rani Karnavati sent Humayun a letter with a rakhi seeking his immediate help. To protect her, the emperor left all his duties at once and rushed to the rescue of Mewar. Coming to the modern times, during the independence movement of India, the great poet Rabindranath Tagore started Rakhi celebration to promote humanity and solidarity among Indians. His vision of Rakhi was much different and it greatly created a sense of unity among different communities of the society. It can seen from the different occasions and purposes Rakhi has played throughout the history that it is not always about a brother and a sister. Sometimes Rakhi has transcended all geographical and communal borders ensuring protection from great dangers. Time and again Rakhi has hold a greater historical and social significance in the lives of Indians.

When is Rakhi in 2018

Let us come back to the time now as Rakhi is on the cards already. If you are planning to send Rakhi online then it’s better to know the exact date before you are late for the occasion. Usually, the grand festival of Raksha Bandhan is celebrated every year on the Hindu calendar month of Shravana during the full moon day. The previous month, Bhadra, is considered inauspicious to observe any occasion. Therefore, Shravana is the month when Indians observe Rakhi with much fun and frolic. This year, Rakhi falls on August 26th which is the last Sunday of the month. If you want to send Rakhi online then this is the right time to start the process to ensure timely delivery of your online Rakhi delivery in India.

How to Send Rakhi Online

As everything is said and done, let’s explore the smart ways of online Rakhi delivery in India from abroad. With the changing time, many people live abroad these days for whom it can be extremely difficult or even impossible to fly to India to their home to celebrate Rakhi with their near and dear ones. The professional commitments do not allow you to have the luxury of enjoying such festivals with your friends and family in your native place. But, all thanks to the smarter technologies through which one can bridge this geographical gap at once without putting much effort or spending a fortune. With the advent of e-commerce, a revolution has happened to gifting and courier services. While previously, one had to spend hours doing a round to all the local gifts shops in search of the perfect gift and then burn a hole in the pocket to deliver the gift to India from another continent, these days it takes just a few clicks to wrap up the entire task. Yes, it’s that easy! No extra charge, no unnecessary wastage of one’s own precious time. Even to send Rakhi online, one just have to browse through a few online gifts store and place the order. Moreover, if you are running late and Rakhi is just one day or two away, you should not worry about the timely delivery of your Rakhi and Rakhi gifts. Avail our same day Rakhi delivery online service and your precious Rakhi will be delivered to the doorstep of your brother right on time.

Rakhi and Rakhi Gifts

Now, deciding what can be sent on Raksha Bandhan to your brother and sister in India can be a bit confusing in case you are new to this matter. Traditionally, we can divide Rakhi and Rakhi gifts in three major parts - Rakhi thread, Rakhi gifts and Rakhi return gifts. While we all know about Rakhi threads which are mostly combined with Rakhi gifts for the brothers, little did we know about Rakhi return gifts. When a sister ties a Rakhi thread around the wrist of her brother, it is the duty of the brother to give something in return as a token of love and care. There comes the tradition of Rakhi Return Gifts. Rakhi return gifts can be anything from jewellery to apparels to sweet treats to the latest mobile phones or perfumes. The brothers from abroad can easily send Rakhi online as a return gesture in the same way. Whether you want to send Rakhi online or Rakhi gifts, you can get it all done through this website. With a huge range of Rakhi and Rakhi gifts for everyone, we are here to help you with your online Rakhi delivery in India. Besides, our trusted payment gateways and reliable delivery network across India enable us to promise you timely delivery of your gift items. Not only that, to cater to everyone and every type of budget, you can get Rakhi and Rakhi gifts at unbelievable prices. So, with us at your side, you no longer have to worry about celebrating Raksha Bandhan with your dear brother and sisters. Send Rakhi online and celebrate the beautiful bonding of love that you share with your siblings forgetting about the distance. Explore our vast collection of Rakhi and Rakhi gifts now and send Rakhi online without any headache.

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