Occasion : Valentine's Day

If love is about spontaneity and a gush of possibly the purest feelings you have ever experienced in your life, then Valentine’s Day is about “expression” – perhaps in its most special possible way. While the feeling of love resonates alike it’s the individuality of lovers that inspires the essential differences in “expressions”- i.e. the Valentine’s Day gifts.
Special Gifts for the Special One
We understand that your special one is different. She has moved you in ways in which others haven’t been able to do. Her presence in your life (no matter how near or far she is from you) stands unmatched. Flowers N Gifts 24x7 brings to you a wide array of the choicest of Valentine’s Day gift ideas and many Valentine's gift for her. While flower arrangements and flower and cake combos remain our specialty, we have definitely not restricted our portfolio to the same. From regular bouquets to personalized mugs and from the mushiest of love teddies to the timeless pearl sets—one can virtually unfold a treasure trove of the most unique Valentine’s Day gifts imaginable here.
 Who is it that you’re willing to surprise this Valentine’s Day? Of course, he/she is your loved one but you still need to know “who” you’re sending the gift over to. The gift chosen by you should be the impeccable reflection of how well you have understood your special one. While the gift chosen by you is definitely the manifestation of your artless love, we would still ask you to plan your gift well for him or her.
Favourite Blooms for Your Favourite One
For instance, if you are willing to present an arrangement of the choicest blooms to your loved one then make sure that you are actually taking the trouble to find out what exactly she likes. Women – especially – have specific preferences when it comes to flowers because they believe that certain flowers relate directly to certain facets of their personality. An arrangement of gerbera for instance stands for innocence, cheerfulness and vibrancy. If your girlfriend belongs to the more mature lot, consider opting for something like Iris because it stands for faith, wisdom and hope.
Exercise similar sagacity while choosing flavours and size of cakes as well.
Flowers N Gifts 24x7: Redefining Online Delivery of Valentine’s Day Gifts
With Flowers N Gifts 24x7, you actually are spoilt for choices. Not only can you send valentine day gift online (which means you don’t have to sweat it out at the offline stores) but you are actually able to get your hands on the choicest of picks without having to shell out a fortune for the same. Our gifts are competitively priced – in spite of knowing that your loved one is worth a million dollar. If it’s not the price tags then it’s definitely the custom arrangements (so thoughtfully planned by you) that actually reflect your feelings for her – she is really worth more than a million. Notably, our collection of flowers, combos (flowers and cakes), jewellery, customized mugs, enfolders and other such gift items does feature substantial discounts that can be availed with early bookings.
Be thoughtful!
Consider coming up with delightful surprises for your loved one the entire week leading up to Valentine’s Day. As these seven days are officially marked in the name of love, you have all the reasons under the sun to convey your feelings to your beloved in the form of vibrant but thoughtful gifts – no matter how little or large they are.
Gifts from Flowers N Gifts 24x7: Be Prepared for the Week of Love
Rose Day in on the 7th of February: Initiate the Valentine Week by getting your hands on a lovely arrangement for your loved one. Roses make for an eternal favourite – coinciding with the many moods of women (thanks to its fragrance). What better way to kick-start a week of romance than with something which literally reeks of romance in every possible way imaginable?
8th February is Propose day. So if you haven’t really done it already make sure that you’re not delaying it beyond the 8th of February. Don’t let the “unspoken” act as impediment on the way to the purest unison of two beautiful souls. Select from our wide range of flower arrangements (regular 6-rose bunch, heart-shaped arrangement, Masterpiece Heart or others) to sweep her off her feet.
9th February is Chocolate day: A cute assortment of flower and cakes or just a handful of chocolates – what’s your way adding to your perky romance?
10th February is Teddy Day – We personally believe that teddies are the cutest the most innocent possible way in which you can surprise your lady! Imagine that cute white teddy gracing a corner of your beloved’s bed – reminding her about you every time she sees it. For all the lovebirds out there – that’s stuff that the sweetest romantic dreams are made of!
11th February – perhaps marks the most meaningful day in the life of lovers. In fact, what’s love if not a promise? Yes, 11th February marks the Promise Day. As overwhelming an exercise, it might seem initially to choose that perfect gift for your love on this auspicious day, we can tell you Flowers N Gifts 24x7 does make life easier for you. From thoughtful flower arrangements to personalized enfolders – choose something which you thing reflects your promise to be together through thick and thin in the best possible fashion. While flowers initially are ruled out because they eventually wilt with the passage of time- we would still ask you to consider its metaphoric significance. For a few, the fragrance of the flowers tugs just the right chords – a feeling that they can live with forever.
12th February is hug day. If her hug is a therapy of sorts for you then let her know that you’re forever grateful to her for that. What better way than to select from our collection of thoughtfully designed hug day gifts for you? Select from our collection of the yummiest cakes for him or her!
A huggable teddy bear or a personalized mug bearing the picture of hugging lovebirds – never run out of “significance” with the absolutely stunning collection of Valentine Day gifts from us!
With 13th February comes the Kiss Day. If settled far from your loved one, then make the distance count by sending over adorable Kiss Day gifts like chocolate boxes, fashion accessories, flower arrangements – what’s your perfect idea of ushering in Kiss Day?
The week of love obviously culminates in the Valentine’s Day. And haven’t we already told you a lot about our gifts for this special day?
Flowers N Gifts 24x7: Send Valentine Day Gift Online
Flowers N Gifts 24x7 notably delivers gifts at your doorstep. We have the spotless track record of delivering orders at variant locations right on time – of course without compromising on the quality of the gifts thus delivered.
In order to select personalized gifts, make sure you are placing your order way ahead of what you would have done in case you had opted for standard gift items like regular bouquet arrangements, teddies, chocolate boxes and pearl sets.
We believe that our gifts exemplify the most precious feeling (i.e. love) just as it should be done. Care not what others have to say about your habit of splurging on your lady or man. Do not commit the mistake of conveying the purest form of passion by helplessly settling for super expensive gifts. Discover the simple joys of life and love by picking up simple but sensitive gifts. Flowers N Gifts 24x7 lets you do just that.
Unravel its unique array of Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas to pick the rarest piece of wonder for your special one. Your loved one is one in a million. We are one in a million too – because we are classy, we are timeless, we are sincere and we are affordable too! So, what’s it you’re waiting for!
Isn’t Valentine’s Day reason enough to convey your truest feeling for your loved one? We believe it is! So start browsing our collection today!


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