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Valentine’s Day
If love is about spontaneity and a gush of possibly the purest feelings you have ever experienced in your life, then Valentine’s Day is about “expression” – perhaps in its most special possible way. While the feeling of love resonates alike it’s the individuality of lovers that inspires the essential differences in “expressions”- i.e. the Valentine’s Day gifts.
But Valentine’s Day is not just meant for the romantically involved people. On this special eve, you can even brighten up the day of your best friend by sending him/her a beautiful flower bouquet and chocolates or can send your mother a bouquet of fresh flowers to thank her for all the love, care, and support. So, make this Valentine’s Day more special for your loved ones by sending them special Valentine’s Day gifts.
Celebrated in different countries around the globe on 14th of February every year, Valentine’s Day is the day when love matters more than anything else on this earth. But just like uttering the magical terms that can convey the extent of your love you feel for your beloved, it is equally important to choose the right gift for your beloved. And the entire process can be a bit challenging, especially if you don’t know much about it. So, Flowers N Gifts 24x7 is with you throughout the celebration. Now you can go to that extra mile without any worry and put the extra effort into selecting the right Valentine’s Day gifts, which can make a great difference.
So, on this Valentine’s Day, leave no stone unturned to make the day of your love a really memorable one. Each gift available on the website of Flowers N Gifts 24x7 is carefully selected by our experts and therefore these are of the best quality. Therefore, these gifts can meet the personal preferences of all the recipients. Even while it comes to flowers, we never offer just flower bouquets, rather we blend artistic presence and grace together. And this way, the gifts we offer can give a really high-class feel.
Special Gifts for the Special One
We understand that your special one is different. She has moved you in ways in which others haven’t been able to do. Her presence in your life (no matter how near or far she is from you) stands unmatched. Flowers N Gifts 24x7 brings to you a wide array of the choicest of Valentine’s Day gift ideas and many Valentine's gift for her. While flower arrangements and flower and cake combos remain our specialty, we have definitely not restricted our portfolio to the same. From regular bouquets to personalized mugs and from the mushiest of love teddies to the timeless pearl sets—one can virtually unfold a treasure trove of the most unique Valentine’s Day gifts imaginable here.
 Who is it that you’re willing to surprise this Valentine’s Day? Of course, he/she is your loved one but you still need to know “who” you’re sending the gift over to. The gift chosen by you should be the impeccable reflection of how well you have understood your special one. While the gift chosen by you is definitely the manifestation of your artless love, we would still ask you to plan your Valentine’s Day presents well for him or her.
Favourite Blooms for Your Favourite One
For instance, if you are willing to present an arrangement of the choicest blooms to your loved one then make sure that you are actually taking the trouble to find out what exactly she likes. Women – especially – have specific preferences when it comes to flowers because they believe that certain flowers relate directly to certain facets of their personality. An arrangement of gerbera for instance stands for innocence, cheerfulness and vibrancy. If your girlfriend belongs to the more mature lot, consider opting for something like Iris because it stands for faith, wisdom and hope.
Exercise similar sagacity while choosing flavours and size of cakes as well.
Flowers N Gifts 24x7: Redefining Online Delivery of Valentine’s Day Gifts
With Flowers N Gifts 24x7, you actually are spoilt for choices. Not only can you send valentine day gift online (which means you don’t have to sweat it out at the offline stores) but you are actually able to get your hands on the choicest of picks without having to shell out a fortune for the same. Our gifts are competitively priced – in spite of knowing that your loved one is worth a million dollar. If it’s not the price tags, then it’s definitely the custom arrangements (so thoughtfully planned by you) that actually reflect your feelings for her – she is really worth more than a million. Notably, our collection of flowers, combos (flowers and cakes), jewellery, customized mugs, enfolders and other such gift items does feature substantial discounts that can be availed with early bookings.
Be thoughtful!
Consider coming up with delightful surprises for your loved one the entire week leading up to Valentine’s Day. As these seven days are officially marked in the name of love, you have all the reasons under the sun to convey your feelings to your beloved in the form of vibrant but thoughtful Valentine’s Day special gift – no matter how little or large they are.
Valentine’s Day Special Gifts For The Special Man In Your Life
Your man loves you and keeps on sending gifts all around the year. But Valentine’s Day is the time when you can shower your love on him by gifting him something special. And if he is your companion for life, then it becomes even a bigger reason to celebrate and rejoice. While it comes to choosing the best Valentine gifts for boyfriend/husband, Flowers N Gifts 24x7 has all the gifts that can impress him. Yes, men usually love practical and interesting gifts. But the romantic and special gifts offered by Flowers N Gifts 24x7 can bring a big smile to your man’s face while making him adore it.
Some of the gifts that you can buy as Valentine’s Day gifts for him are decorative cushions, customized coffee mugs, tie, deodorant, parker pen, perfumes, TGIF gift vouchers, photo keychain etc. You can even give his sweet tooth a treat with mouthwatering cakes and exotic chocolates.
Apart from these gifts, you can make him more special by surprising him all the week by sending a special bouquet every day. This will make his day for sure and he will feel how special you are for him.
Valentine’s Day Special Gifts For The Special Woman In Your Life
Valentine’s Day is all about celebrating the love and Flowers N Gifts 24x7 takes part in this celebration with the widest range of Valentine’s Day special gifts. So, if you are in search of some special valentine special gift for girlfriend, then you can choose the gift from this website. Here you will not find some random stuff to offer as a gift; rather, here you will only find some special gifts that your lady love will cherish for the rest of her life.
Some of the special gifts that you can buy as Valentine’s gift for her from Flowers N Gifts 24x7 are flowers with or without vases, cakes, chocolates, soft toys, customized coffee mugs, decorative cushions, Valentine’s Day special cards, pearl jewelry, watches, perfumes etc. Each of these gifts is perfect enough for infusing more affection, love, and romance into your relationship. And these gifts are also perfect for pampering your ladylove, which she always deserves. You can also choose to gift her Valentine Serenades from Flowers N Gifts 24x7. Choosing this option allows you to impress your ladylove repeatedly with tempting gifts on the week of Valentine’s. Here you can select from 2 days, 3days, 4 days or 5 days Serenades.
Even if you are staying away from your beloved on this Valentine’s Day, then also you can send romantic Valentine’s gifts for her through Flowers N Gifts 24x7.
Gifts from Flowers N Gifts 24x7: Be Prepared for the Week of Love
Leading to the Valentine’s Day or the day of love, there are seven other days, which have great significances for this special occasion. Here come the details:
Rose Day 7th Feb:This is the first day of the week of love. People choose to express love on this special day for their beloved by gifting them beautiful flower bouquets, especially bouquets of roses. Red rose is the most preferred flower that is used to express love for the beloved. Apart from that, there are roses of some other colors, which can be gifted on the basis of the emotion that one likes to convey.
Propose Day 8th Feb:Propose Day marks the date of expressing one’s love and feelings for his/her beloved. This is also the day when people can take their relationships to the next level by proposing and accepting the proposals of their beloved.
Chocolate Day 9th Feb:There is hardly any happy occasion, which is not celebrated with sweets. And chocolate day of the Valentine week is not an exception. It is said that gifting chocolates to the beloved on Chocolate Day strengthens the bond between two. And the best thing about gifting chocolate is that the options of chocolates that are gifted on this day are just endless.
Teddy Day 10th Feb:Girls are fond of teddy bears no matter whenever you gift them. So, gifting teddy bears to your beloved on the Teddy Day will be the option to pamper your ladylove. Gifting soft toy on this special day of the week of love works as the token of love for your ladylove.
Promise Day 11th Feb:Promises make the bond of love even stronger and an eternal one. On this special day of love week, couples make promise to be with each other always and to continue their relationship with love and trust. And therefore they exchange tokens of love.
Hug Day 12th Feb:This day of the Valentine week is all about conveying the warmth of love to your partner. Hug Day is also about making your beloved feel secured in the relationship that you both of you share. Couples often share some special gifts on this eve.
Kiss Day 13th Feb:This is the day when couples seal the love for their partners for the lifetime with kisses. So, this day marks pure manifestation of love. This makes the bond between couples stronger. On this day, couples also exchange some special gifts.
Valentine’s Day 14th Feb:Then comes the most special day of the special week, Valentine’s Day, which is on 14th February. On this day, the final deal of love is sealed. And this day also marks the entire journey of love, including the ups and downs, the infinite adventures and precious memories. This is known as the day of love and it is celebrated all around the world. On this special day, lovers exchange gifts with each other to express their feelings for their beloved or to show their love and affection for each other. The week of love obviously culminates in the Valentine’s Day.
And haven’t we already told you a lot about our gifts for this special day?
Flowers N Gifts 24x7: Send Valentine Day Gift Online
Flowers N Gifts 24x7 notably delivers gifts at your doorstep. We have the spotless track record of delivering orders at variant locations right on time – of course without compromising on the quality of the gifts thus delivered.
In order to select personalized gifts, make sure you are placing your order way ahead of what you would have done in case you had opted for standard gift items like regular bouquet arrangements, teddies, chocolate boxes and pearl sets.
We believe that our gifts exemplify the most precious feeling (i.e. love) just as it should be done. Care not what others have to say about your habit of splurging on your lady or man. Do not commit the mistake of conveying the purest form of passion by helplessly settling for super expensive gifts. Discover the simple joys of life and love by picking up simple but sensitive gifts. Flowers N Gifts 24x7 lets you do just that.
Unravel its unique array of Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas to pick the rarest piece of wonder for your special one. Your loved one is one in a million. We are one in a million too – because we are classy, we are timeless, we are sincere and we are affordable too! So, what’s it you’re waiting for!
Send Valentine’s Day Gift To Anywhere In India With Flowers N Gifts 24x7
Falling in love undeniably is a wonderful feeling. One can actually feel the true love through exchanging some heartfelt presents with the purest feelings. Although people keep on exchanging gifts with their partners all around the year, Valentine’s Day gifts are special as these are the symbol of affection and love and these can sprinkle romance in your life. So, nothing can be a better option than surprising your beloved with a special gift on this eve of Valentine’s Day. Flowers N Gifts 24x7 even allows you to send the special Valentine’s Day gifts online to anywhere in India. With this online portal, sending gifts to different cities is no more a hassle. In fact, it just takes a few clicks to deliver your love and care to the doorstep of your beloved. So, go through the Valentine’s Day gifts collection from our website and mark this romantic occasion with complete romance and passion. This thing will surely increase the depth of love between you two.
Why Choose Flowers N Gifts 24x7 To Send Valentine’s Day Gifts?
These days, due to a busy schedule, people mostly choose to do the shopping online. And while it comes to buying gifts, people also choose to do it online to avoid all the hassles regarding shopping, delivering etc. And to make the gift buying experience easier than before, Flowers N Gifts 24x7 has introduced a simplified online portal from where one can easily explore a wide range of options for gifts. Now, as it is the time for Valentine's Day gifts shopping, at Flowers N Gifts 24x7, you will find different types of Valentine’s Day special gifts for people with different types of preferences.
At Flowers N Gifts 24x7, we consider that choosing the right gift can actually strengthen the bond of love between you and your beloved. And therefore, we include a complete range of passionate gifts, designed especially for Valentine’s Day that simply can double your love. Each gift that you will find in this website works as a remembrance for you if you really want to pamper your beloved with these gifts. Besides, to enhance togetherness and love in your relationship, Flowers N Gifts 24x7 also offers express and same day delivery of gifts.
Here are some reasons why people choose us every time when it comes to buying the best gift for Valentine’s Day online:
A wide range of choices: Irrespective of whether you have been together for years, in a new relationship, are married to the person you love or want to confess your love for someone special on this eve of Valentine’s Day, you will get the perfect Valentine’s Day presents for him at Flowers N Gifts 24x7. Considering the demands of different people, at this online gift portal, you will find a complete range of heartwarming gifts, which the recipients would definitely love. Starting from cakes and chocolates to flower bouquets, perfumes, and decorative cushions, you will find almost everything at Flowers N Gifts 24x7.
Exclusive collection: At Flowers N Gifts 24x7, you will find an exclusive collection of special Valentine’s Day gift, designed especially for the week-long celebration of love. Here you will find a complete range of romantic gifts that will help you to get indulged in the carnival of love.
Express shipping: Flowers N Gifts 24x7 makes sure that every purchased gift is always delivered on time through the fast shipping services offered. Orders usually take 1-6 days to get delivered except Sundays and other national holidays. On the other hand, perishable products are often delivered through the same-day delivery process. Due to the fast delivery services offered, Flowers N Gifts 24x7 has become a preferred choice for people for buying Valentine’s Day gifts online.
Nationwide delivery: Even if you are in a long-distance relationship, then also you can send your beloved the perfect token of love on this day of love. The hassle-free nationwide delivery service of Flowers N Gifts 24x7 can assist you in this process. Even if you can’t meet her/him on this Valentine’s Day, these romantic gifts that you will buy Valentine's Day gifts online, will help you to reach out to your beloved with your love and emotions.
Easy cancellation: Flowers N Gifts 24x7 has the right to cancel orders on the basis of product limitation, error in the pricing or product information or due to some other limitations. In case an order is canceled after making payment, the payment would be credited to your account within 4-5 business days. On the other hand, if you choose to cancel the order after placing it, then also the deducted amount will be credited to your account within 4-5 business days. So, canceling the order before it is dispatched is pretty simple with Flowers N Gifts 24x7.
Popular Gifts That You Can Pick:
Valentine’s Day flowers: From bright gerberas and orchids to lilies and classic red roses, there are actually endless options of flowers through which you can delight your beloved. So, whether you want to pre-order or you want same day delivery of flowers, Flowers N Gifts 24x7 can assist you in every possible way.
Valentine’s Day cards: Whether you want to keep things classic or want to have something different, you will find a wide range of card types in Flowers N Gifts 24x7. Starting from romantic and cute to funny Valentine’s Day cards, here you will find just the perfect option depending on your needs.
Valentine’s Day sweet treats: One of the simplest yet the best gifts that you can choose to buy for your beloved is the sweet treats. Flowers N Gifts 24x7 offers a wide range of assorted chocolates and cakes of different sizes and flavors like chocolate cake, butterscotch cake, black forest cake, strawberry cake, red velvet cake, pineapple cake, white forest cake, Butterscotch and KitKat cake, mango cake, fruit cake, chocolate caramel cake etc.
Valentine’s Day gifts: This Valentine’s Day, if you want to impress your beloved or if you want your girl to fall head over heels in love with you, then choosing the best one from an assorted range of Valentine’s Day gifts will make sense. So, you can choose to treat your beloved with gifts like teddy bears, chocolates, customized coffee mugs, mouth-watering cakes, flower bouquets, perfume, sweets etc.
Valentine’s Day special combos: Apart from other gifts, you can also choose to buy some combos to your loved one on this Valentine’s Day. For instance, you can choose from combos like cakes and chocolates, cakes and flower bouquets, flower bouquets and chocolates, flower bouquets with chocolates and soft toys. In fact, there are a lot more that you can explore by going through our site. But no matter which combo you choose to, it can make up the mood as well as can make the receiver really feel delightful and loved. Besides, these combos are just perfect to express your love in a unique manner.
You can even opt for same day delivery service for sending the Valentine’s Day gifts and flowers. So, it is never late to express your feelings for someone you truly love. The best thing about ordering flowers from Flowers N Gifts 24x7 is that the flowers remain fresh for around a week or more. Here we don’t only work as a devoted online florist, but also ready to offer impeccable client service to our clients always.
Isn’t Valentine’s Day reason enough to convey your truest feeling for your loved one? We believe it is! So start browsing our collection today! Express your heart out with the tempting range of gifts from Flowers N Gifts 24x7. And to make things really special, treat your unique beloved with something equally special or unique.

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